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User-generated content defines today's social Web. MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, YouTube... these sites and thousands more like them command customers' attention like nothing else since the first Internet craze.

But online marketing has been left behind. Without a way to "translate" people's personally-expressed interests into sellable audiences, the promise of the Internet as the ultimate marketing platform has remained unfulfilled. Quality inventory has become scarce while remnant inventory has skyrocketed. Useful insights are infrequent. Consumers are turned off by poorly-targeted campaigns. And perhaps most important of all: ad rates have flattened.

Seethroo changes all that.

Seethroo is a behavioral targeting company designed from the ground up for today's social Internet. Our patent-pending technology anonymizes and analyzes the content that people submit to social websites. Based on that content we send each person a genuinely-relevant ad that truly matches the customer. Seethroo transforms social sites into high-value marketing platforms, creating significantly-enhanced value for marketers, higher revenue for social websites, and an improved experience for users.

Individualized, one-to-one marketing is the future of the Web.

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